Microsoft Ignite 2019

Well, another successful event, and the blisters on my feet to prove it.
I attend a number of conferences each year, and there is something special
about this one. Its not the sessions (which I find exceptional) but its the attendees. The ratio of actual architects and practitioners is always extremely high, and lets be honest, these are my types of people.

I prefer to talk to the architects and practitioners about their own real world problems. Everything marketing does is a mental exercise and when a reference design is applied to an actual customer to solve a real world problem, the rubber hits the road.

I additionally had the pleasure to meet a few customers with whom I had made recommendations at last years show, and seeing happy results is just icing on the cake. Being ask for recommendation on next steps to help them further optimize their infrastructure is just an honor.

Thank you Attendees of Ignite for making my week 🙂

Now all I have to do is continue to un-teach the unflappable propaganda message from Microsoft that Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) is the ONLY way to deploy storage. its an easy job once you compare feature sets. Watch for a future blog post on this.

I will this coming week post my though and notes from various sessions and maybe some sneak peeks into what I am working on next.