Its when the Alligators light on fire…

You may have heard the old saying, that as being flexible means I don’t mind juggling multiple items, I even accept that I am juggling while waist deep in a swamp, and even accept that I am juggling alligators, its when the alligators light on fire that I become concerned.

The SNIA Storage Developer Conference 2020 and Microsoft Ignite 2020 conference are both occurring as virtual events at the SAME TIME. So I have been half-attending both conferences and trying to pick out the best of each and later this week I will post my impressions of both. Of course the ability to join both conferences is only possible since they are both virtual conferences only, and all of the sessions of each are on-demand.

I will admit however that I like how SNIA has done their conference a little better in the sense that they have lively discussions going on via the conference slack channels, and they have different rooms dedicated to each of the tracks, which are staffed by the experts in the field. I cut Microsoft a little slack here though since the scale of these events is quite different, i.e. MS Ignite is likely 50K, while SNIA SDC is a more agile 1K attendees.

I don’t know what the total attendance is yet for SDC, but it seems to be extremely high, I will try and get that data as well. By the way My session was on Tuesday at 11:20AM and covered using Open Source tools to accelerate your Swordfish implementation, and the big reveal in that session is that the newly released MSA2060 array by HPE is the 1st Swordfish compliant device on the market. This is a big enough deal that I am going to dedicate an entire post to it tomorrow.