How I love ICANN, Let me Count the Ways…0x00

If you are curious where the blog went in the past week, it was a comedy of errors. Last week if you attempted to access this page you received a message from the ICANN that stated that the Domain Registration information had just been re-verified and that the site would return 24-48 hours later. The wording of the error message directly stated that the verification was already complete and that we were simply waiting for the domain to return. In fact I did wait 48 hours, and then called my service provider.

I used the privacy settings for my domain registration which means that my Email and info is not revealed on WhoIS. This led me to believe that ICANN would validate the information against my service provider. That was NOT the case, in fact the ICANN sent me a mail to verify the information but the junk email filter picked it up so I never saw it. My service provider was able to point me in the right direction. I guess there are so many fake phishing ICANN emails out there that these get commonly tagged as junk.

Of course, Once I replied to that original email I then still had to wait another 36 hours before the site actually returned.