SNIA Symposium Day 3/4/5

With day three I spent part of my time with the Swordfish Protocol group as I did on Day 1/2, but added in time participating in the Swordfish Hackathon on specific projects. One of the laments of the protocol is a lack of clients to consume it, many companies cannot adopt an ‘if you build it they will come’ type attitude, they want clients asking for it by name.

The first of these big clients has appeared, namely Intel. Intel has just released a new product/architecture which demands swordfish compatibility. You can find additional information about Intel’s Rack Scale Design (RSD) at the following location:


But if your like me you want the details, not the overview; which can be found here;


In addition, through talking with other Hackathon attendees, we decided to see if we could whip up a quick PowerShell Module for Swordfish with commands such as Get-SwordFishVolume or New-SwordFishStoragePool. It was surprisingly easy and we were processing commands right from a Windows PowerShell prompt against the emulators. The goal is to have a direct mapping from each SwordFish API structure directly to a PowerShell command. We will post the PowerShell Module project to the SNIA Swordfish GitHub, and as all things SwordFish, feel free to contribute. This module will eventually be SNIA signed and posted to the PowerShell Gallery for automatic download.

Talks also occurred with other SwordFish participating Storage Companies, and an additional project was started to create a Windows Admin Client Module to talk natively to all SwordFish enabled Storage. A few Microsoft employees are already working with SwordFish attendees on this. Also watch the GitHub for this project to appear in the next few months. I should also note that this will be the first industry module developed completely in the open with the assistance of Microsoft. As such it will likely become a model for the rest of the industry as to how to build a proper WAC Module. We will have diary entries along the way as to act as a guide to other developers. Eventually this will be signed by SNIA and posted to the Windows Admin Center Portal Module Download location.

I have been working on a (VERY BETA) Implementation of SwordFish to support Nimble Storage devices, mostly to make sure that the protocol doesnt do anything goofy that would later prevent us from creating a proper SwordFish client at a later date. I am starting to think that the imperative is that we work on proper full implementation of SwordFish. I will get back to you all once we get something sharable.

Another interesting topic was a meeting with the EPA, regarding requests to use the RedFish and SwordFish protocol to gather information needed by manufacturers to gain the EPA star for Datacenter Storage Equipment.

As for Day 5, that was consumed by Board Meetings for SNIA, and while I think its interesting stuff that was discussed and I have a good feeling about the future direction and capabilities for SNIA I am unable to discuss any specifics as they are closed door. OK… I will tell you, they served breakfast, and the oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins were really good 🙂